Team Octane’s MINI at the World Challenge Series of the 2013 Honda Toronto Indy!

MINI Team Octane Alain Lauziere at Honda Toronto Indy 2013 World Challenge Series

Alain Lauziere and lilcoopr at the 2013 Toronto Indy

Sorting through my external harddrives of MINI footage that I haven’t edited and uploaded yet… Came across this goodie!

I gratefully had the experience to be a Flag Girl for Team Octane (Team Octane / Equipe Octane) in the World Challenge series race at the Honda Toronto Indy last summer (2013). In the pits, really awesome experience for a MINIac! Thank you Team Octane & Alain Lauziere!!! Also, MINI of Charleston makes an appearance with their B-spec MINI racer also entered in the series!

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Day 3: MINI Convertible 30 Day Topless Challenge with lilcooprTV

I bring you Day 3 of my 30 Day Topless Motoring Challenge!  Today, I enjoyed the open-air motoring experience while working!  (I am a full-time Real Estate Agent in Toronto.  Check out my website here:  MINI is the perfect city car for me: putting all passions aside, the MINI is practical for finding parking downtown, great on gas, and roomy enough to drive around clients on occasion.)

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Day 2: MINI Convertible 30 Day Topless Challenge with lilcooprTV

Here is Day 2 of my 30 Day Topless Motoring Challenge!  Subscribe to lilcooprTV on YouTube and never miss a day!

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ST3LLA Exploring Toronto







STELLAtoo’s Photoshoot in Toronto

STELLAtoo’s First Photoshoot!! "Urban" themed

STELLAtoo peeking thru, originally uploaded by lilcoopr.

66 MINIs at SOMC’s Fall Rattler/Bala Cranberry Festival Run

Hey MINIacs!!

I am now finished exams for a little while so I can start to breathe and work through uploading the rest of the pictures from my latest MINI adventures.

Last Sunday, October 18, 66 MINIs from the Southern Ontario MINI Club headed north for our favourite route that we’ve nicknamed the “Rattler”. We go twice a year, in the spring at the end of April, and the Sunday of the Bala Cranberry Festival in the fall (October). Last year we had 56 MINIs turn-out for this event, and it was the largest SOMC gathering at the time. Well, our count of 66 tops that!  We also had a big turnout from the staff at MINI Durham, which was nice to see a BMW sales associate having a blast in a JCW on the twisties :)

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Here is a video, uploaded by Fei, which shows our event last year (click on his related videos to see part 2 of this):

After our cruise, we ended up at a baseball diamond for a semi-circle group picture by our resident SOMC photographer, Duncan.  I haven’t uploaded my pictures from the day yet, but these were taken by Adam (Sideways) and kindly used with permission:

After the photoshoot, MINIs who wanted to stay for the festival headed into the town of Bala and others motored back home.  I was one of those who stayed for the festival.  We drove through the very busy town center of Bala and Stella received plenty of comments from those passing by on the street!  Spectators asked a member at the front of our convoy, “Is there a MINI Convention or something?”  We definitely attracted a lot of attention!
The festival was very busy… I’m pretty sure this is the busiest that Bala ever gets as it’s a very small town!!

Adam, Ahmed, and I toured the Johnson’s Cranberry Marsh where we saw how the cranberries grow and then the Muskoka Lakes Winery.
MY GOODNESS THAT CRANBERRY WINE IS TO DIE FOR!  Adam and I had a bottle as soon as we got home and it was delicious!!  It’s definitely a new favourite of mine!  We also picked up a bottle of the Cranberry/Blueberry wine, which I am saving for my birthday next month :)
And here is one more photo of Adam and I on a bridge overlooking the Bala Falls.  I like this picture, perhaps it will get a frame.

That’s all for now, MINIacs!  You can view more of Adam’s pictures from that day here, but please ask him for permission before stealing them!  I had my digital camera propped up on my dashboard during the drive and I have some video that I can edit, which I will do tonight, upload to Youtube, and post the links here!  Most of the video is not useable because I need a better way to absorb the shocks of a bumpy road.  I will see what I can put together for you, regardless!
Happy Motoring and enjoy the weather!  In Southern Ontario, at least, it is nice and warm!  18*C or something like that today… same with yesterday.  Nice change because last week we had temperatures 10* lower, around 5*->8* as our daytime highs!  I know the cold weather is coming and there’s nothing we can do to stop it, but as much as I like motoring in a fresh layer of snow, I prefer it warm enough to go outside without seeing your breath!
xx lilcoopr

500 Canadian MINIs Celebrating MINI’s 50th Birthday!!

This past Wednesday, August 26, the five GTA MINI Dealerships put on a great event with the help of MINI Canada. They invited 500 MINIs and their owners to a night that they’ll never forget. MINI digital Scavenger Hunt, graffiti artists, raffle prizes, official MINI swag give-aways (aka boxes of really nice t-shirts being thrown into the crowd!!), BBQ, drinks, MINI GTA dealership design competition, a viewing of the Italian Job under the stars, and more! Better yet, all proceeds went to support the Remix Project, a charity organization to help youth with creative opportunities in the arts.

This was the invite sent out to the MINI database (click for larger view):
Within 24 hours of sending this email invite, over 250 MINIs were already signed up! With 2 weeks to go until the event, MINI Canada was still skeptical that the entire venue would be filled with 250 more MINIs. Well, it turns out that they had nothing to worry about as the event actually SOLD OUT!

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This is a picture of the crowd of MINIs filling the Polson Pier drive-in theatre at the docks in Toronto (photo courtesy of BizBash as I haven’t uploaded my own photos yet!). What a gorgeous venue with the Toronto skyline on the other side and the parking lot bordered by Lake Ontario. I actually think this picture was taken before all the MINIs arrived, as some were still arriving as it was getting dark.
The event kicked off at 5pm with “marching” convoys of MINIs leaving from the 5 GTA dealerships as well as a few others in Southern Ontario. Some dealerships left early to combat rush-hour traffic. I, of course, left from MINI Durham. We had at least about 25 MINIs, including a handful of Classics, which were led by our East Enders MINI Motoring Club pace car. We had the EEMMC car done up as a police vehicle in matte black! So nice!

EEMMC Police Interceptor

Volunteers from the Southern Ontario MINI Club, especially Xiek, created a digital bingo card with a MINI Scavenger hunt. The idea was to take a bingo card that we customized to say things like “Continental Tires”, “an SOMC shirt”, “pink roof :P” and take a picture of these things on a MINI with your digital camera/cell phone camera. The ones with full cards and pictures to prove were entered into a draw and some great prizes were given out!
There were also prizes given out for MINI with the most kilometers (262,000 I think – prize awarded to Duncan from our club). T-shirts were thrown into the crowd (official MINI swag and I scored a couple – yeah!!). The line-up for the BBQ was long, but we were hungry and it was worth it. The donations for the BBQ went to charity for the Remix Project, as I mentioned earlier.

I still have to upload my own pictures from the event. I didn’t take many because I was so excited to meet everyone! Many many people recognized me as “the girl with the black and pink MINI”, “the girl who lives on my street with her pink MINI”, “lilcoopr from SOMC/my blog/online/etc”, and so on, so I spent a lot of time meeting and greeting and entertaining the masses. I am always so excited to meet new MINI owners!

Alright, I have AT THE VERY LEAST 3-4 more posts to update you on and pictures from this event to upload to Flickr! Check it out probably tomorrow night!

Happy Motoring!

Lilcoopr at the 2008 Toronto Auto Show! – Video!

Updates updates!! Finally!!

Hey motoring-buddies :)

The more time went by without a new post, the worse I felt about it and that resulted in more time without another post… So here’s a well-waited-for update!!

My homepage now links to my Flickr and I am almost finished uploading all of my SOMC pictures. Next up will be MINI United and my motoring adventure this summer. I have so many pictures to sort through and it will be a while yet until they are all up. But it’s progess.

I have been super-busy with school and work. In the middle of November, I transferred MINI dealerships. When I moved to Toronto, I was driving more than an hour each way to work in the summer and I knew that wasn’t a very feasible or realistic option once school starts or the winter weather gets, well typically like a Canadian winter. So I have moved to MINI Durham. And I have the coolest job title ever:

“MINI Ambassador”

Oh yeah :) So if you are in the area and you need any help with your MINI or have any questions, I will be so happy to help you out!!

On another note, there are some crazy discussions going on at MotoringFile about the Clubman, SUV, and future MINI models. I love to read the comments because you really get to see how other MINI owners think. So please post more!! And comment here too (especially if you’re too shy to do it on MF!!)

Alright. Lunch time for me:)

Hopefully more posts later!!! Happy Motoring!!!!!!!!!