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SOMC – York Region chapter FIRST MEET

SOMC – York Region chapter, originally uploaded by lilcoopr.

12 3/4 MINIs showed up to SOMC’s first York region meet! It was a great turnout despite the scorching hot humidity with temperatures approaching 40*C even in the evening! We met up in a plaza parking lot near a Starbucks and Baskin Robbins (perfect for the hot weather).

STELLAtoo is on the far right!!! We had quite a few drive-by’s – intrigued by the crowd of gorgeous MINIs.

This shot was taken by my blackberry, but I have more pictures to come that were taken on an actual camera.

I wore my JCW “hot stuff” t-shirt, MINI United 2007 bag, and obviously had my MINI Athens sunglasses!

Happy motoring – can’t wait til the next one!

Lilcoopr’s Google Street View MINI Hunt Game!

Calling all SOMC members (who read my blog but don’t post online at the SOMC forums :P)!!

I’ve just created a game to hunt for MINIs in Google Street View now that Toronto and the surrounding area have been added to the list of cities you can stalk!

Click here to read the rest of the details on this contest!

1 point per MINI
2 points if the MINI is yours (and don’t just say that red and white Cooper is yours if you drive a BRG :P)

Post the intersection or address where it was found and also a screen cap if possible.. makes the game more fun! :)
MINIs at dealerships count as 1 point for the whole lot… or else you could win the game just with what is in stock at MINI Downtown/BMW Toronto:

Only MINIs from the surrounding area/Canada (perhaps) qualify!! No going to that thread on NAM with all the Google Street View MINIs and stealing one from Paris and one from Miami… too easy 😛
Once a MINI has been found, you can’t claim it again for points!

Something cool and MINI-related. Not sure what yet, but I will get my hands on something you’ll enjoy!
Awarded at the October 31 Meet (or sometime thereafter)

Here’s the thread on SOMC with the game and current points scoreboard:

Above screen shots courtesy of “Dwight” from SOMC who scored the first 2 points! I found a handful of MINIs myself, but I suppose I am disqualified and I won’t tell where I found them anyways!!

Happy Hunting!! Can’t wait to see them all when we’re done!


VIDEO: MINI Orchestra – Very cool!

(No title)

It’s official!! Summer is here! Although the calendar may say it’s still a few more days until the “official” start, the celebrations of the new motoring season are already here! Now don’t get me wrong, Stella and I have been doing plenty of motoring between the end of last summer and now… she just loves the winter… but now there are events nearly EVERY weekend! I can’t wait!

Here’s a brief and always updating list of events to look forward to

MINI Meet North June 19-21 at Mosport with celebrations at the dealership on Saturday, June 20, from 2-5pm (BBQ and a special guest appearance by the new MINI Challenge Targa Newfoundland car!!)

– Transformers 2 SOMC Movie meet – Friday, June 26

– SOMC Monthly meet and cruise night (likely to get some ice cream!) – Saturday, June 27

– SOMC’s Blue to the Beach hosted by Captain Clubman of SOMC: Collingwood and Blue Mountains cruise to Wasaga Beach – Sunday, June 28

– MINIs on the Island (still in its planning stages) – Sunday, July 5

– Honda Toronto Indy – weekend of July 10-12

– SOMC BBQ in Niagara-on-the-Lake/Niagara Falls area – Sunday, July 12

– July East Enders MINI Motoring Club meet – July 16

– Brits in the Park – Sunday, July 19

– SOMC Drive-In Movie meet – Saturday July 25

– Sandbanks Beach Day – Sunday, August 2

– Brits on the Lake – Sunday, August 9

– B.C. trip for Adam’s best friend’s wedding – Sunday, August 15

– Roxy’s (Adam’s MINI) Anniversary – Sunday, August 16

– Annual Pooley Party at Jack and Laurie’s just across the border in New York State – Saturday, August 22

– Autofest Oshawa – weekend of August 28-30

– MINI’s 50th BIRTHDAY – Saturday, August 29 (also my Mum’s birthday!)

– August SOMC monthly meet and cruise night – Saturday, August 29

– Targa Newfoundland MINIfest – September 12 – 19

– Bronte British Car Day (where Stella will win first place again! :P) – Sunday, September 20

– September SOMC monthly meet and cruise night – Saturday, September 26AND the list is still being updated. I think I have even forgetten a few things already!

So there will be lots of pictures and videos taken of the above events! And I can’t wait to motor on with everyone and enjoy the summer sun!

MINI United update: I’m still working through those pictures and videos. The Flickr uploader has been giving me trouble, by uploading doubles or uploading only half of the “batch”. *sigh*. Also, the video was shot in HD 1080P with GPS tagging and the whole nine-yards. I thought that sounded like a great idea at the time, but it just means converting each file to another format before it can be chopped up and edited! It’s coming though, don’t worry!

Alright, off to do some more motoring! Despite all the activities planned, I do hope to post more often, so keep checking back and maybe I’ll even do a video blog once a week-ish? Sound off to that idea in the comments below!

Happy motoring, xx lilcoopr!


Hey MINIacs!

I am currently in the MINI United Internet Cafe…! Calvin Harris is playing “The Girls”, the music is pumping and the MINI owners are swarming about!

Today was Day 1… Adam and I met up with all my old friends from last time (2 years ago now!), checked out the club tents, participated in MINI Driver Training level 2, and a whole lot more. I have tons of pictures and also some pretty sweet HD video to show you! ALSOOOOO… We’ve been interviewed by White Roof Radio, so I’m excited to hear that pod cast :)

We spent the day in London on Wednesday and traveled to MINI Park Lane after meeting up with Chris, our MINI Durham dealer principal, for lunch.

Thursday was the “MINI Addicts” tour at Plant Oxford.

We are looking forward to another jam-packed two days of MINI Excitement! On Sunday, MINI USA has invited us to a lunch with Mike Cooper followed by a ride in a MINI for the SILVERSTONE TRACK!!!!! I am SO looking forward to this!

Our hired VW Polo has been transformed into a counterfeit MINI for the event. We have magnetic bonnet stripes courtesy of Amy McCleary from SOMC and a host of MINI stickers including the official MINI United 2009 banner and “My Other Car Is A MINI”. Oh! How could I forget to mention that my MotoringFile Grille Badge of a Canadian Rondel is on the boot lid of the Polo… to represent when our Canadian Flag car flags aren’t on of course!

Alright, I wanna go have some more fun! Bye for now… motor on in your MINIs for me, please! I miss my Stella baby!

Happy Motoring love lilcoopr.

Maple in the County

Maple in the County, originally uploaded by lilcoopr.

Although it was a rainy day, it was still a success!!

18 MINIs and one BMW (driven by a MINI owner who had more passengers than the MINI could safely allow!)

On Sunday, March 29, SOMC/East Enders attended Maple in the County: in Prince Edward County, an hour or so east of the MINI Durham dealership in Ontario.

Adam (Sideways) planned the route and I navigated. Since I was getting over a cold, I didn’t bring STELLA and that was a good thing because:
– someone had to navigate 😉
– at the end of the day, she was still part of the elite group of clean MINIs (Google Maps warned that one of the roads we were taking had “unpaved portions” but they really meant it! Very muddy – from the rain – and a bit of gravel – oops!)

All in all it was a fantastic day!

I’ll show you where we traveled to, if you just scroll down and follow the pictures!

Happy Motoring!! Hope you can come on our next cruise!!


Maple in the County pictures slideshow

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Maple in the County

Maple in the County, originally uploaded by lilcoopr.

This is only half of the MINIs lined up!!

Maple in the County

Maple in the County, originally uploaded by lilcoopr.

Sometimes MINIs get a little thirsty too you know! I know it’s rare but it does happen 😛