lilcooprTV Fall Update: Detroit Tuned, USA Trips, Pre-Rattler, the Nail, and More!

Almost time for MINIs on the Fall Rattler!!

MINIs on the Rattler, Southern Ontario MINI Club, Toronto MINI Club

MINIs on the Rattler, Southern Ontario MINI Club, Toronto MINI Club

Isn’t that beautiful?  It is one of the top 10 favourite photos I have ever taken!  Reminiscing about our bi-annual MINI club cruise to the winding twisty roads of Muskoka/Bala region.  This area, known as “cottage country” to city dwellers down south, is home to some beautiful twisties that show off the handling skills of our amazing MINIs.

Here are a couple gorgeous shots I took at last year’s Rattler cruise:

MINIs on the Rattler, Southern Ontario MINI Club, Toronto MINI Club

MINIs on the Rattler, Southern Ontario MINI Club, Toronto MINI Club

MINIs on the Rattler, Southern Ontario MINI Club, Toronto MINI Club

MINIs on the Rattler, Southern Ontario MINI Club, Toronto MINI Club

Also, check out my lilcooprTV video series from the Fall Rattler a couple years ago: www.youtube.com/lilcooprTV


Looking forward to a great day with the MINIs on October 20!!  We also have a MINIs on the Escarpment cruise planned for the day before… decisions, decisions!

Happy Motoring!


66 MINIs at SOMC’s Fall Rattler/Bala Cranberry Festival Run

Hey MINIacs!!

I am now finished exams for a little while so I can start to breathe and work through uploading the rest of the pictures from my latest MINI adventures.

Last Sunday, October 18, 66 MINIs from the Southern Ontario MINI Club headed north for our favourite route that we’ve nicknamed the “Rattler”. We go twice a year, in the spring at the end of April, and the Sunday of the Bala Cranberry Festival in the fall (October). Last year we had 56 MINIs turn-out for this event, and it was the largest SOMC gathering at the time. Well, our count of 66 tops that!  We also had a big turnout from the staff at MINI Durham, which was nice to see a BMW sales associate having a blast in a JCW on the twisties :)

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Here is a video, uploaded by Fei, which shows our event last year (click on his related videos to see part 2 of this):

After our cruise, we ended up at a baseball diamond for a semi-circle group picture by our resident SOMC photographer, Duncan.  I haven’t uploaded my pictures from the day yet, but these were taken by Adam (Sideways) and kindly used with permission:

After the photoshoot, MINIs who wanted to stay for the festival headed into the town of Bala and others motored back home.  I was one of those who stayed for the festival.  We drove through the very busy town center of Bala and Stella received plenty of comments from those passing by on the street!  Spectators asked a member at the front of our convoy, “Is there a MINI Convention or something?”  We definitely attracted a lot of attention!
The festival was very busy… I’m pretty sure this is the busiest that Bala ever gets as it’s a very small town!!

Adam, Ahmed, and I toured the Johnson’s Cranberry Marsh where we saw how the cranberries grow and then the Muskoka Lakes Winery.
MY GOODNESS THAT CRANBERRY WINE IS TO DIE FOR!  Adam and I had a bottle as soon as we got home and it was delicious!!  It’s definitely a new favourite of mine!  We also picked up a bottle of the Cranberry/Blueberry wine, which I am saving for my birthday next month :)
And here is one more photo of Adam and I on a bridge overlooking the Bala Falls.  I like this picture, perhaps it will get a frame.

That’s all for now, MINIacs!  You can view more of Adam’s pictures from that day here, but please ask him for permission before stealing them!  I had my digital camera propped up on my dashboard during the drive and I have some video that I can edit, which I will do tonight, upload to Youtube, and post the links here!  Most of the video is not useable because I need a better way to absorb the shocks of a bumpy road.  I will see what I can put together for you, regardless!
Happy Motoring and enjoy the weather!  In Southern Ontario, at least, it is nice and warm!  18*C or something like that today… same with yesterday.  Nice change because last week we had temperatures 10* lower, around 5*->8* as our daytime highs!  I know the cold weather is coming and there’s nothing we can do to stop it, but as much as I like motoring in a fresh layer of snow, I prefer it warm enough to go outside without seeing your breath!
xx lilcoopr

VIDEO: MINI Orchestra – Very cool!