LILCOOPR is MINI Girl of the Day! Featured by Club MINI Aguascalientes

Club MINI Aguascalientes

Club MINI Aguascalientes

Another day, another adventure…!

Very excited and proud to be chosen as “MINI Girl of the Day” by Club MINI Aguascalientes on Facebook!  I am in great company with 108 other lovely ladies and their MINIs featured so far!  Check it all out here:

Thank you Club MINI Aguascalientes for the lovely surprise!

LILCOOPR is MINI Girl of the Day!

LILCOOPR is MINI Girl of the Day!


ST3LLA Exploring Toronto







The World Is But A Canvas To Our iMINIation

Soon to be art:

I combined lots of my favourites here:
  • black and white
  • MINI
  • typography
  • high contrast
  • photography (actual photo of STELLAtoo; taken 1 yr ago by…. ME!)
  • etc

Can’t wait to see this on my wall!  Will post a pic when that is complete :)


MINI Invasion live blog: 3 rally points done!

Yes that is right, ladies and gentlemen! Team Lilcoopr has 3 rally check points complete! That means we’ll get at least 1 ballot!

We are now motoring to play soccer with a MINI and a giant ball!
Concert/BBQ/design challenge voting tonight!

Happy motoring,
xo lilcoopr

Ps find me in my GoBadges tshirt for a 10% off coupon :)

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Loving the New MINI Gear: MINI Rooftop Collection

I took a break from washing/waxing my JCW and my mum’s 328xi (my sister has her MINI right now!) to read MotoringFile.  What a pleasant surprise!  The new MINI collection is out – the MINI Rooftop Collection.

I can do a quick review based on what I see so far, but an in-depth one will arrive when we get the collection at the dealership (probably in a few months – sad face!)

MINI seems to like updating the previous collection and re-releasing it in monotone colours.  They did that with the “pop art” collection last year.  A couple bags from last year’s MINI 50 Collection are now released with the same print on a similar style, in a monochromatic colour-scheme.

Classic “retro” Mini print wallets with chunky zippers are new for the collection.  Also, the luggage is updated wtih more choices – including impressive alloys as the wheels.

The part that really caught my eye are the black Union Jack duffle bags!  Those leather (real leather or not?) UJs look SHARP!  I can’t wait to add this to my collection.  Although I can already hear Adam now…. “not more bags!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I gotta motor – I have the West Enders MINI Club meet tonight at MINI Waterloo and I still have to buff the wax off my mum’s BMW!

Happy Motoring!

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