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Team Octane’s MINI at the World Challenge Series of the 2013 Honda Toronto Indy!

MINI Team Octane Alain Lauziere at Honda Toronto Indy 2013 World Challenge Series

Alain Lauziere and lilcoopr at the 2013 Toronto Indy

Sorting through my external harddrives of MINI footage that I haven’t edited and uploaded yet… Came across this goodie!

I gratefully had the experience to be a Flag Girl for Team Octane (Team Octane / Equipe Octane) in the World Challenge series race at the Honda Toronto Indy last summer (2013). In the pits, really awesome experience for a MINIac! Thank you Team Octane & Alain Lauziere!!! Also, MINI of Charleston makes an appearance with their B-spec MINI racer also entered in the series!

Follow and support Alain Lauziere’s Team Octane (Equipe Octane) on their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/EquipeOctane

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Happy Motoring

24h of Nurburgring LIVE NOW!!

I am watching 24hrs of the ‘Ring LIVE here: http://adac.24h-rennen.de/Live-Streaming-2011.4101.0.html

Here’s a quick shot of the cars:
I am still hoping to get some great shots of the MINI Coupe Endurance… I spotted it a couple times so far along with the BMW M3s…!
VERY EXCITING!!  More news to come as the race unfolds… we have like 23 hours left 😛
Happy Motoring on the first weekend of official summer!