MTTS VIDEO: BBQ @ Dreyer&Reinbold MINI in Indianapolis!

MTTS PICS: Look for this MINI (because it is ours!)

Thank-you to MINI USA (and their wonderful photographer Tracy – hi!) for these photos, which can be found @

Arriving @ the Chicago Countryman Preview Party
Close-up of STELLA’s bum!  Make sure you wave when you see us on the roads – we are easy to spot 😉

 Adam pointing out how far we have left to Denver!  6000 KMs roundtrip for us.  That’s about 4000 miles!

You can spot us in white and black t-shirts in the bottom left!
MUCH MORE TO COME!!!  STAY TUNED!!  ALSO… HELLO TO MY NEW MINI FRIENDS THAT I’VE MET SO FAR!!  Please comment below or somewhere here so we can stay in touch!
Ps: Tomorrow we are motoring to St. Louis, MO!

MTTS VIDEO: New Colour Eclipse Grey @ Indianapolis Motor Speedway

MTTS VIDEO: Rise and Shine Rally leaving Chicago

MTTS PICS: Day 2 Chicago Countryman Preview Party

MTTS VIDEO: Chad from DetroitTuned introduces the "Canadian MINI" (=ours!)

Thanks for the video, Chad!  Check out!

MTTS VIDEO: Chicago Countryman Party

This vid comes courtesy of Gabe from MotoringFile – thanks, Gabe!

MTTS PICS: Day 1 and 2 Toronto to Detroit to Chicago

MTTS: We are in Chicago

Checking in from Chicago!

Great cruise with MINI of Grand Rapids this morning to the Windy City!  We have the MINI Countryman preview party tonight.  Rain stopped, sun is out (so is the humidity!)

Here are a couple quick pics!!  More on the Flickr account (linked above: because they are uploading as we speak!

I have some video too, but that will be uploaded tonight after the Countryman Preview Party!

I LOOOOOVE free wi-fi, thanks Super 8! :)

Happy motoring!  We are back on the road to Chicago!

PS If we’ve met today or will in the future, please leave a comment below with your contact info so we can keep in touch!  I’ve handed out many business cards and stickers ( limited edition stickers) so I’d love to hear more from you!

Christina Street!

In Sarnia! Last stop and then we’re off to the USofA!
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