MTTS: “Blue Suede Shoes” Karaoke in Memphis, TN

Mike (from the Buzzfeed team) doing an incredible cover of “Blue Suede Shoes” in no other than Memphis, Tennessee at MINI Takes the States 2014!

mtts-austin_dallas_memphis 133



Planning MTTS…

So the random decision to attend MTTS has turned into what looks like the trip of a lifetime.


I’ve sat down on many occasions in the last few months to do a video blog about this trip and I just can’t.  I become overwhelmed with emotion.

This is really happening.


If you know me personally, you know what this trip really means to me.  If you don’t, you will still see the beauty and grandness of such an adventure.


As the days grow closer, I feel more and more sensations.  How does one prepare to check off MOST of their bucket list in approx 30 days?  Then what?


My soul needs this trip.  I feel the road calling me.  I can’t imagine what I’ll feel at the end, but the anticipation has me counting down the milliseconds.




Home and Feeling Better

Just a quick update…

Adam and I are home in Canada as of last night and we are both feeling tons better!  Instead of going to the hospital, which was miles out of the way, we just motored on through Nebraska and Iowa.  Through 2 days STRAIGHT of rain.

I am sorting through photos, videos, and emails along with all of the trinkets and souveniers from this awesome trip!

More to come!

Happy Motoring,

Heaven and Hell

No, my post title is not referring to the end of MTTS!

Rather, how I am feeling right now.  For those of you who have seen me the past couple of days, you knew I was fighting off a cold.  Yesterday Adam and I drove back up to Red Rocks park and the surrounding roads and found a road called Bliss.  That was not the real name, but we felt like we were in heaven.  We also got so close to deer I could touch them (but apparently that’s not a good idea since they are wild – so I didn’t!).

Then my cold turned into something much much worse yesterday.  And now we are motoring on our way to the hospital.  Good thing I have travel insurance, but it’s just awful knowing that our trip is cut short and interrupted.

The last few “live blogs” have been sparse as I konk out at 9pm, without uploading photos.  More photos and stories of our adventures will come.  I promise.  Just not in the timely fashion I hoped!


PS To all of those wonderful people I’ve met on the trip: thank-you for making it spectacular!  Our opportunities to connect made for a more personalized experience.  I can’t wait to see all of you again soon!

MTTS PICS: Day 5 Kansas City, MO/KS

MTTS PICS: Day 4 St. Louis, MO

MTTS VIDEO: View from the Top of Gateway Arch, St Louis MO!

MTTS PICS: Day 3 Indianapolis (and the legendary Motor Speedway)

MTTS: Event Facebook Knows I am Traveling!

Cool, so even Facebook knows I am logging in far from home!  Sounds like the security measures my bank takes with a debit card.

Only problem?  It’s making me wait an hour before I can log in so it can ensure that I am seriously not a hacker.

Hmm, guess the MTTS status updates will have to wait!  It is past 1am anyways.  GOOD NIGHT SWEET DREAMS OF CURVY ROADS AND FULL TANKS OF GAS (sounds like my day tomorrow!)