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Team Octane’s MINI at the World Challenge Series of the 2013 Honda Toronto Indy!

MINI Team Octane Alain Lauziere at Honda Toronto Indy 2013 World Challenge Series

Alain Lauziere and lilcoopr at the 2013 Toronto Indy

Sorting through my external harddrives of MINI footage that I haven’t edited and uploaded yet… Came across this goodie!

I gratefully had the experience to be a Flag Girl for Team Octane (Team Octane / Equipe Octane) in the World Challenge series race at the Honda Toronto Indy last summer (2013). In the pits, really awesome experience for a MINIac! Thank you Team Octane & Alain Lauziere!!! Also, MINI of Charleston makes an appearance with their B-spec MINI racer also entered in the series!

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24hr of Nurburgring LIVE Coverage continues

24hr of Nurburgring LIVE Coverage continues

Rear shot of the JCW Coupe Endurance #146 on the track.  #146 (Viet/Mart/Schm/Wass) went from 122nd place to 110th in only 6 laps on an average lap time of 10.28.421 (Thanks EVAN MCS06Rallye for your input!).

Evan: “They are currently faster than 10 of the cars still in front of them.  If things keep going like this, they are going to finish in the 90s…  looks like they will end up finishing in the top of their class.”

Unfortunately, the other JCW Coupe Endurance #147 stopped after 5 laps and will not be returning……  Wonder what the story is!!  Let me know if you find any details!


24hr of Nurburgring LIVE Coverage

Some screenshots from when the live coverage followed the JCW Coupe Endurance for a while:

MINI Racing Game for Wii!

I am excited to announce that I got a Wii for Christmas!!  It has been a ton of fun, with my Wii Fit games, dancing games, and of course the sports.

Something was missing though…  A racing game with MINIs!

Lucky me, Adam found a used copy of GTI Club: Supermini Festa!  He first picked it off the shelf because it said “GTI” and he was planning to comment that it wasn’t fair that they had games about the VW GTI and not the MINI.

To our surprise, there was a R56 MINI front and center on the cover!  You can also race a classic Mini as well as other European small cars.

I found a trailer of the game on Youtube here.

There are even multi-player games where you can play SOCcar with the MINIs!  I have only played the game a couple times (since I just got it yesterday!) but I unlocked JCW challenge decals as well as the option between a Challenge spoiler, JCW carbon fibre spoiler, front lip, or fancy wheels.  I chose the Challenge spoiler 😉  The accessories look authentic too!

This will be a great game for club events!  The sales guy at the game store I bought it from said it was discontinued, so I’m not sure if you will be able to track it down.  Comment/email me if you’d like the barcode or any information that might help you find it in your local store!

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