Heaven and Hell

No, my post title is not referring to the end of MTTS!

Rather, how I am feeling right now.  For those of you who have seen me the past couple of days, you knew I was fighting off a cold.  Yesterday Adam and I drove back up to Red Rocks park and the surrounding roads and found a road called Bliss.  That was not the real name, but we felt like we were in heaven.  We also got so close to deer I could touch them (but apparently that’s not a good idea since they are wild – so I didn’t!).

Then my cold turned into something much much worse yesterday.  And now we are motoring on our way to the hospital.  Good thing I have travel insurance, but it’s just awful knowing that our trip is cut short and interrupted.

The last few “live blogs” have been sparse as I konk out at 9pm, without uploading photos.  More photos and stories of our adventures will come.  I promise.  Just not in the timely fashion I hoped!


PS To all of those wonderful people I’ve met on the trip: thank-you for making it spectacular!  Our opportunities to connect made for a more personalized experience.  I can’t wait to see all of you again soon!