Much-Needed Update!

Hey Everyone!!


I normally start my blog posts with “Hey MINIacs” but now my audience has expand to everyone far and wide, not only MINI drivers!


I’m blogging right now at an adorable cafe in Nova Scotia called “Herring Choker”.  I ended up here because the MINI Takes the States event concluded and I wasn’t happy.  Maybe one day I’ll blog about why but for now let’s focus on what comes next.  I wanted that feeling back that I felt in South Dakota, Montana, and down the Pacific Coast.  The feeling of freedom and adventure.  I called my Mom in Boston and asked her what to do.  She subtly suggested I take the long way home, so here I am!

Where I am now and where I'm going tomorrow!

Where I am now and where I’m going tomorrow!

So I’m all fuelled up (my MINI and myself) and we are going to drive the Cabot Trail!! I am GoPro-ing the whole thing so don’t worry, you won’t miss out!

The Cabot Trail is a 298km (185mile) loop around the top of Cape Breton island in Nova Scotia.  Read about it here:


I am falling even more behind on catching you up with my blogs, but the ferry ride to Newfoundland will be a great opportunity to do some more writing!  Most video editing will have to wait until I’m home and have the power of an iMac rather than a MacBook Air!


Thank you all for your support donating to Driving for Dreams and for your friendship en route!!


The trip is not nearly done, but it’s time to hit the road today!  Love you all, xo LILCOOPR

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