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  • lilcoopr: MINI Ambassador

    lilcoopr: MINI Ambassador

  • lilcoopr at MINIs on the Mack 2013!

    lilcoopr at MINIs on the Mack 2013!



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Much-Needed Update!

Hey Everyone!!


I normally start my blog posts with “Hey MINIacs” but now my audience has expand to everyone far and wide, not only MINI drivers!


I’m blogging right now at an adorable cafe in Nova Scotia called “Herring Choker”.  I ended up here because the MINI Takes the States event concluded and I wasn’t happy.  Maybe one day I’ll blog about why but for now let’s focus on what comes next.  I wanted that feeling back that I felt in South Dakota, Montana, and down the Pacific Coast where I was able to experience Whale Watching Dana Point.  The feeling of freedom and adventure.  I called my Mom in Boston and asked her what to do.  She subtly suggested I take the long way home, so here I am!

Where I am now and where I'm going tomorrow!

Where I am now and where I’m going tomorrow!

So I’m all fuelled up (my MINI and myself) and we are going to drive the Cabot Trail!! I am GoPro-ing the whole thing so don’t worry, you won’t miss out!

The Cabot Trail is a 298km (185mile) loop around the top of Cape Breton island in Nova Scotia.  Read about it here:


I am falling even more behind on catching you up with my blogs, but the ferry ride to Newfoundland will be a great opportunity to do some more writing!  Most video editing will have to wait until I’m home and have the power of an iMac rather than a MacBook Air!


Thank you all for your support donating to Driving for Dreams and for your friendship en route!!


The trip is not nearly done, but it’s time to hit the road today!  Love you all, xo LILCOOPR

MTTS: “Blue Suede Shoes” Karaoke in Memphis, TN

mtts-austin_dallas_memphis 133

Mike (from the Buzzfeed team) doing an incredible cover of “Blue Suede Shoes” in no other than Memphis, Tennessee at MINI Takes the States 2014!

mtts-austin_dallas_memphis 133



MTTS 2014 Kickoff Party at MINI of San Francisco

LILCOOPRtv was live at the MINI of San Francisco MTTS 2014 Kickoff Party last night with mini casino as well inspired from this site… featuring special guests like Kelli Creighton!!! Subscribe for daily video blogs and please consider donating to my fundraising goal with Driving for Dreams in support of The Children’s Wish Foundation of

Driving for Dreams: I Found STELL4’s “VIN Twin” at Long Beach MINI in California!

Driving for Dreams: LILCOOPRtv Video

Driving for Dreams: San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge

golden gate

Driving for Dreams: Sunset at Pebble Beach in Carmel CA

sunset at pebble beach

Driving for Dreams: Lombard St, San Francisco CA

Driving for Dreams: Vancouver -> Seattle -> Portland

Hey MINIacs!!

I spent a couple of relaxing days in Vancouver exploring Grouse Mountain, MINI of Yaletown, the Gastown neighbourhood, the upper-class West Vancouver, and more!!

STELL4 in Vancouver!

STELL4 in Vancouver!

I had the BEST tour of Vancouver thanks to Alex in “Yellow Bird” – his Speed Yellow Porsche.  He’s a car enthusiast and blogger so be sure to check out his blog: Alexotics Auto Talk and he has also front-paged on Jalopnik more than once!!

Alexotics and Lilcoopr: cruising from the border to Vancouver & BEST TOUR OF VANCOUVER POSSIBLE! Thank you :)

Alexotics and Lilcoopr: cruising from the border to Vancouver & BEST TOUR OF VANCOUVER POSSIBLE! Thank you :)

While in Vancouver, I connected in real life with a Facebook friend and MINIac from the Vancouver MINI Club at Granville Island.  It was Caroline’s birthday and we spent the morning exploring the Granville Island Market and having a blast trying on funny hats and playing with the most incredible puppets!  Of course no meeting is complete without a classic “selfie” in front of our MINIs.  Check out the full vinyl wrap on Caroline’s MINI!  It’s Chili Red underneath.  This is her second Union Jack MINI – her first was an R53 first gen in Indi Blue with red and white union jack vinyl added.  They did a spectacular job… it all lines up perfectly!

Lilcoopr meets Caroline for the first time from the Vancouver MINI Club at Granville Island Market, Vancouver!

Lilcoopr meets Caroline for the first time from the Vancouver MINI Club at Granville Island Market, Vancouver!

I have a milion and half more photos to show you from Vancouver, Washington because I spent 2.5 days there, but I have to make this a quick post as usual… I have 11 hours on the road ahead of me!  But I can’t continue without sharing this photo: a precious moment for me… dipping my toes into the Pacific Ocean for the first time!!!!  Such an experience!

Lilcoopr's Toes vs the Pacific Ocean at Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver, BC

Lilcoopr’s Toes vs the Pacific Ocean at Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver, BC

I have full writeups about my incredible visits to MINI Yaletown and MINI Richmond in BC Canada as well as Seattle MINI, Northwest MINI, and today I’m stopping at MINI of Portland!  Woohoo!!  Everyone has been so kind and welcoming!!  Some have even been following my adventures online!! Every dealership I go to blows the Greater Toronto area ones out of the water with exceptional showrooms and so much cool stuff on display – wait til I can share it with you :)

Last night I made it to Portland after a bit of an adventure (as always) and had a spectacular dinner at Via Tribunali in Portland!  It’s right next to the famous Voodoo Doughnuts.  It was so recommended from everyone to visit VooDoo doughnuts but after a day of driving in the heat (Seattle traffic is the worst, thank you for stealing 4 hours from my life…) I wasn’t in the mood for a doughnut and I was famished for some dinner.  Here are some photos I uploaded to Flickr from my dinner.

Flickr Portland album (Yikes, they changed their embed system… frustrating, sorry)

I am still playing with the best way to share photos with you guys… If I post them on Facebook you can all comment, like, share which is great but then I can’t post them into a blog post without re-uploading.  I am trying to skip a step.  Flickr makes nice linkable albums and it’s perfect for longterm archived storage of the trip but it’s not the best for engagement.  Hmmm… feel free to let me know what you prefer.

Alright, I’m headed to visit Norman Nelson in Redding, California and I’m ducking off the I-5 onto the Pacific Coast Highway!!! Woohoo!!  It will add a bunch of extra time to the trip but it’s so worth it to see the Oregon coast!  Catch up with you all later!!

Happy Motoring, XO LILCOOPR



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